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Our Product Standards & Policies


At Michaels, we strive to maintain an inclusive, positive, creative, and welcoming environment for all our customers and Team Members. In order to do this, we’ve set some standards for the products we carry. We will update or expand this list as necessary.

If we realize at any point that a product we’re carrying does not meet these standards, we reserve the right to remove it from our store shelves. Some products may be offered online only; others may be removed from our assortment entirely.

Here’s an overview of our standards:

  • We won’t sell any product that is illegal or promotes illegal activities of any sort.
  • We won’t sell any product that promotes hate or bigotry. We stand against all discrimination, whether it’s based on race, sex/gender, gender identity, sexuality, religion, ability, or any other factor, because everyone belongs at our craft table.
  • We won’t sell any product that promotes, incites, or glorifies violence or harm against any group or person — including oneself.
  • We won’t sell products that contain explicit or adult language in store, because our stores need to be child-friendly spaces. If an online-only product contains explicit or adult language, we’ll make sure there’s a warning label on the product page.
  • We won’t sell any product with content we consider to be inappropriate, offensive, or harmful to our Maker community.
  • We strive to promote cultural authenticity and avoid cultural appropriation. We value and celebrate the diverse communities our Makers and Team Members represent, and we work hard to offer products that are meaningful, authentic, and respectful.

If you are concerned that a product we offer might not meet these standards, please contact our Customer Care team here.

As Michaels expands its assortment online, we will partner with third-party sellers to bring more items to our customers. Those sellers are obligated to meet these same standards. If ever an item does not align with the policies listed above and/or we deem the item is not essentially meant for arts, crafts and creativity, we reserve the right to remove the item from our offering. If you see a product listing you believe violates our policies or is offensive to you, please utilize our “Report Product” button to report it. We will review and remove if we deem necessary.

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